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Airborne is a mini game easter egg level


Airborne was an old game for the Mac that one of Dark Castle's developers worked on. The point was to shoot the enemy paratroopers and not let them kill your bunker. This is an outdoor Forest scene. Bryant is on a platform and cannot get off. mutants fall from the sky with parachutes.


From the Ante Room, go into a hidden door behind the dragon at the top.


In this mini game you need to throw rocks at the parachutes of the descending mutants before they reach the ground and come to throw rocks at you. You also may dispach the parachuting mutants with a bow and arrow but you can only aim straight ahead with the bow, unlike throwing rocks, which you can aim. Additionally, the arrow will pierce the mutants' bodies, unlike rocks, which only can tear their parachutes.


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Spoilers and Hints[]

  • You need to kill 25 mutants to win.
  • You can't kill the mutants directly, you have to hit their parachutes with your rocks. That makes them fall to the ground and blow up like a bomb.
  • If a mutant reaches the ground, he can still be killed by making another mutant fall and blow him up.
  • Rocks will occasionally fall from the sky, but you may want to take a lot with you so that you don't run out.
  • Once you have killed 25, a rope will appear, and you can climb down to get the treasure.

Levels on the Path[]

  • None

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