Ante Room from Beyond Dark Castle.

The Ante Room, is the main junction between all the levels in the game Beyond Dark Castle, and will be in Return to Dark Castle, though will play a smaller part.


The Ante Room, is set in the large room located behind the Black Knight's throne, it has 5 pedestals for holding orbs, it also has 4 normal doors, and 1 large gate which is initially locked. This room leads to the many areas in Beyond Dark Castle.

There is a large dragon statue at the top of the level which makes the room easily recognizable.

In Return to Dark Castle, they added color, and changed some of the heights of the stair junctions, which made some of the jumps that were possible in Beyond Dark Castle, impossible.

It looks as though the gate has re-closed itself, and the orbs seem to have shattered over time.

They also added a secret level off from the Ante Room.


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