Dark Castle Wiki

There are four pieces of armor scattered around the castle that can help you on your quest in Return to Dark Castle.

  • The Magic Gauntlets can be found at the top of Giant Tree. According to the game, "The magic gauntlets provide additional gripping strength. They can be used to climb some ropes that are otherwise impossible to grasp." The slippery ropes in question look white or grey rather than yellow-orange, and are found in the Witch's Woods and South Wall 2. Without the Gauntlets, it's as if the ropes aren't there. With the Gauntlets, you have to keep climbing up, or you will slip down and fall.
  • The Magic Boots can be found in Black Knight Showdown. According to the game, "The magic boots allow you to stomp on smaller enemies like rats and snakes. They also offer some protection against traps like floor spikes." To stomp on enemies, you have to jump and land on them. Without the boots, floor spikes will kill you. With them, they hurt like a snakebite.
  • The Magic Helmet can be found in Black Knight 3. According to the game, "The magic helmet offers some protection against falling objects like books, bottles, and stalactites." Without the helmet, books will make you dizzy. With the helmet, they only stun you for a moment. Same goes for bottles, but be careful, as they still make you drop from ropes and rails. Stalactites make you dizzy instead of killing you.
  • The Magic Body Armor can be found in Underground River. According to the game, "The magic body armor offers some protection against hurled objects and projectiles like arrows and boulders." Without the body armor, these Obstacles will kill you. With the body armor, they knock you down, take some health, and leave you stunned for a few seconds.