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Original Dark Castle Bat.

The bats are some of the most common enemies in Dark Castle, they appear in most of the levels. They show up in Dark Castle, Beyond Dark Castle, Color Dark Castle, Dark Castle Mobile, and Return to Dark Castle.


Bats are slow, but when they touch you, then can get caught on you, which makes them very easy to hit. They can be killed by Rocks, or Fireballs, along with bombs.


For killing a Bat you get 30 Points.

Plagued Enemies[]

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This is one of the enemies in the game that wont kill you as long as you are carrying an Elixir. If you are carrying an Elixir, then it will simply make you lose one elixir.

In the original Dark Castle, if you touch a Bat without an Elixir, then you will die. In Beyond Dark Castle, and Return to Dark Castle, if you touch a Bat' when you have no Elixirs, then you lose health, until you stop touching it.


The Bats have stayed looking the same since the original Dark Castle, with the only real changes being color.

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