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Black Knight's Brewery from Beyond Dark Castle, on Beginner.

Black Knight's Bewery is an indoor level, and is the first level on the East Tower Level Path, in Beyond Dark Castle. It has shown up in Beyond Dark Castle, and will show up in Return to Dark Castle.

Prince Duncan must find his way from the entrance, up the level avoiding barrels, and making his way to the Shovel, and Barrel Henchman, after defeating him, our hero continues on to the East Labyrinth.

It is likely where the Black Knight's mugs come from.





Levels on the Path[]

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  • Like most of the levels in Beyond Dark Castle, the level layout slightly changes when it's being played on different difficulties such as Advanced.
  • This is the only level in the Beyond Dark Castle that the Shovel appears in.
  • This is a good room to stock up on rocks, Elixir, and keys before heading to other levels since you can get one of each befor the barrels get close, then go back to the ante room to let them re-spawn.


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