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This item is one of the non Rock offensive pick up in Beyond Dark Castle, they act as a secondary source of attack towards the many perils of Dark Castle.

The Bombs work on most of the enemies that the Rocks do. In addition, to killing enemies, Bombs can also destroy certain walls, such as those found in Catacombs, and West Tower Top.

Inventory Item[]

In Beyond Dark Castle, the largest number of bombs you can carry, is 90.

In Return to Dark Castle, the number has been reduced to 9.

To use a bomb, first duck, then click.


It kills most the enemies in the game with one hit. The only differences between this and the rocks are listed below.

  • Guard - One Bomb will knock down the guard but he will get up after a while.



The appearance of the Bomb has stayed pretty much the same between all versions of Dark Castle

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