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After the Beyond Dark Castle Advanced Ending, the hero of the next game, Return to Dark Castle, isn't Prince Duncan, rather, his nephew, Bryant.

Involvement in Return to Dark Castle[]

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Taking the mantle from Duncan, Bryant is the hero in Return to Dark Castle.

Bryant's colors are customizable, but his standard color scheme is faded green shirt, with faded brown pants, and brown hair.

Bryant can do many of the things that Duncan could, including a few new ones, such as the ability to crawl anywhere.

In general, Bryant is almost identical to Duncan, with the same sounds and animations.

Bryant as a character[]

Not much is known at this point about Bryant, is he on a quest to save his uncle? Or is he just following in his uncle's footsteps?

The handbook claims that Bryant is at least 17 years old. This would suggest that the previous mission to Dark Castle took place within his childhood, as Duncan claims to have known Bryant when he was a small boy. This would also suggest that Duncan was perhaps in his 40's or even 50's when he first set out to Dark Castle, since in the suggested time frame of less than 17 years his hair would have to have gone totally gray and he would have to have grown a long beard.

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