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The Burning Eye one of the more rarer enemies in Dark Castle, they appear in only 1 level in the original Dark Castle, and 3 levels in Beyond Dark Castle, and show up in Dark Castle, Beyond Dark Castle, Color Dark Castle, Dark Castle Mobile, and Return to Dark Castle.

If you get touched by this enemy, you die, in addition, it will shoot Fireballs at you, which will kill you if they touch you.

In the levels Black Forest, and Swamp, they can be killed by throwing enough Rocks, or Fireballs at them.


A Burning Eye is one of the most dangerous enemies, as it cannot be killed, and can fly anywhere, including though walls, it does however move slowly. They can be stunned by Rocks, or Fireballs, along with bombs.


For stunning a Burning Eye you get 40 Points.


The Burning Eyes have stayed looking the same since the original Dark Castle, with the only real changes being color.

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