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The Casino is a secret level in Return to Dark Castle. It's a small building with six slot machines in it.


At the end of the swamp level, there is a small boat floating at the dock. Crouch down and hit down to get into the boat which will float you to the Casino.


Play the slots so that you can win a prize on each machine and leave it on the floor.


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Spoilers and Hints[]

  • Each machine has a different prize: Rocks, Elixir, Potion, Bomb, Gas, or Key.
  • Each attempt at a slot machine takes five rocks.
  • There are six machines, and each one may take two or three attempts, so it's ideal to have at least 60 or more rocks.
  • Luckily, the Rock slot machine has a better chance of winning, and with some patience, you can win more rocks if necessary.

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