Rtdc catapult

Catapult, from Return to Dark Castle on Beginner

Catapult is a scrolling, outdoor level.



Cock the catapult, then jump in and fly to the Olde Tower.


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Spoilers and HintsEdit

  • Jump in the catapult, fly over to the hay, swing back across the water to the catapult, Get to the cogwheel, cock it correctly, climb up to the platform, jump in the catapult, fly through the window (or basement).
  • To get to the cogwheel, use a downward jump near the wheels.
  • To get to the window of the Olde Tower , cock the catapult 34 clicks
  • To make a hole in the wall and get to the Olde Tower Basement, cock the catapult 20 clicks.

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