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The Cave Dungeon is a trouble-type level, where the player ends up if he falls off the screen in certain places. It also leads to the secret level, the Mine Shaft.

The Cave Dungeon, on intermediate.


The Cave Dungeon can be entered by falling off the screen in any level leading from Ante Room II that is not directly in the Castle itself. The Cave Dungeon can also be reached intentionally by entering the old looking doorway in the Courtyard.


Activate the two switches which will open the door at the top and let down the rope.


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Spoilers and Hints[]

  • The broom can be avoided completely if the player jumps over the chasm on the platform with the switch. The broom cannot be avoided if the player came from the Courtyard.
  • Falling off the screen will cause the player to lose a life, rather than travelling somewhere else.
  • The piece of paper is referring to the Orb in the Olde Tower Top.
  • The Mine Shaft can be reached by doing a running jump to the right of the Broom's platform, where the player will land on a subtle wooden platform. This must be done exactly at the moment the player is right on edge of the platform, or he will fall off.

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