Dark Castle Wiki

In late 2006 a Dark Castle fan named Jon God was editing wikipedia and noticed something strange on the Dark Castle page, an E-Mail about Return to Dark Castle being finished, he had heard no such thing, so he contacted Zack Morris, and found out that it did indeed get finished, and when creating a Return to Dark Castle page on wikipedia, was approached by someone (Izdale) who had gotten the E-Mail, later, Jon God went around the net and found other Dark Castle fans, here and there (notably tbone922). After a while of bugging Z Sculpt to get a forum, he eventually, with the permission of Z Sculpt, created what is now the Dark Castle Forum. The starting members were the fans he had encountered around the net.

Notable Members[]

  • tbone922 - One of the first members of the forum, he took a lot of time advertising Return to Dark Castle to the world.
  • Izdale - Another one of the original Members, has spent a lot of time contributing to the Dark Castle Community.
  • Action Jack - One of the better Dark Castle players online, the first person so set Dark Castle Speed Records.
  • La Porta - A member of the Dark Castle Community that is an expert on macs, and retro mac usage, he is also friends with the creator of Mini vMac.
  • Sam - An interesting member of the forum, responsible for some great finds, and the creation of "iCalicontide".
  • Richard - Best Dark Castle player that ever lived... Maybe... He's open to challenges. Also the author of a 12+ page long story with Dark Castle characters.

Company Members involved with the community[]

  • Zack Morris - Is never afraid to talk to the community, and be a friend to all.
  • Zack Black - Though he is usually too busy to respond to E-Mails, he is a true Dark Castle fan, and you can tell he cares about what's he's doing.
  • Joe Williams - He used to keep in touch to an extent with the Dark Castle Community through his blog.

Actions by the community[]

The community has known, on occasion to work together at something, most notably, mass E-Mails be it to Delta Tao, or SuperHappyFunFun, the community has worked together on quite a few occasions.

At one point some of the community went around advertising the existence of Return to Dark Castle to the web.