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*[[Return to Dark Castle]]
*[[Return to Dark Castle]]
*[[Z Sculpt]]
*[[Z Sculpt]]
*[[Deta Tao]]
*[[Delta Tao]]
*[[Silicon Beach Software]]
*[[Silicon Beach Software]]

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Dark Castle Mobile[[Image:Dark Castle Mobile Title Screen]]
Developer(s) SuperHappyFunFun
Release date(s) October 2005
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single player
Platform(s) Verizon, Sprint

Dark Castle Mobile is the first game in the Dark Castle series developed after the rights were sold from Delta Tao to SuperHappyFunFun. Dark Castle Mobile, is a remake of the original Dark Castle, in color, and on cell phones. Though close at first glance besides the color, and scaled down graphics, the level designs are more of a mix between Dark Castle, and Beyond Dark Castle, then just a remake of Dark Castle. This contains less levels then the original Dark Castle, and worse controls being on a cell phone and not a computer. Also the difficulty is scaled down quite a bit.


Shield 3 area

This version of the game has less levels then the original version, it also has worse graphics, albeit in color, and clunky controls inlcuding autoaim.

This version of the game is considered "alright" but definitely not the best.


Main article: List of Levels in Dark Castle Mobile

This game had 14 levels, (though 4 levels only appeared on certain cell phone models), one less then the original game, all of which came out of the 4 doors in the Great Hall (called Ante Room in this game). Unlike the first game the setup of the doors is static, rather than random.


Although, this is a remake of the original Dark Castle, many fans consider this to be the inferior version, due to a few reasons:

  • Extremely easy difficulty.
  • The use of autoaim as opposed to free aiming from the original version.
  • Clunky controls.
  • Small screen size.


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