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Dungeon from Beyond Dark Castle, on Beginner.

Dungeon is an indoor level, and is the last level on the Underground Level Path, along with Catacombs, in Beyond Dark Castle. It has shown up in Beyond Dark Castle, and will show up in Return to Dark Castle.

Prince Duncan can find his way here by two ways, one, through falling offscreen on any level, or, two, by entering it through the Basement. This level is a trap, meaning the only way out, is to fight the Shovel Henchman, and flip the switch behind him, to turn off the torture machine, and then take down the Whip Henchman, grab the Keys, and head to the exits, of which only one is real.





Levels on the Path[]

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  • This of the few levels in Beyond Dark Castle, that the level layout doesn't radically change when it's being played on different difficulties such as Advanced.
  • This level, like Trouble 3 is the dungeon, if you fall offscreen from any other level, then you will end up here.
  • Out of the doors at the top of the level, only 1 will let you exit, the rest are there for you to waste keys. The exit door is random.


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