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East Labyrinth from Beyond Dark Castle.

East Labyrinth is an indoor level, and is the second level on the East Tower Level Path, in Beyond Dark Castle. It has shown up in Beyond Dark Castle, and will show up in Return to Dark Castle.

Prince Duncan must find his way through the vast labyrinth filled with many items, and ways to go It is populated by many [[Rat|rats], and snakes (only on Intermediate and Advanced). After finding the Key, and exit, our hero continues on to the East Tower Top.

This is one of the two Labyrinths found Beyond Dark Castle, the other being West Labyrinth.




Levels on the Path[]

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  • Like most of the levels in Beyond Dark Castle, the level layout slightly changes when it's being played on different difficulties such as Advanced.
  • In the Advanced version of this level, not only do Snakes appear, but also there are tunnels that must be crawled though in order to proceed.
  • In Beyond Dark Castle The layout of this level is not randomly generated, but it switches between a few layouts. It has been said by Zack Black, that the Labyrinths in Return to Dark Castle are randomly generated.


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