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There are a lot of Enemies that must be faced in Dark Castle, here is a list of them:

Acid Eye[]

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The Acid Eye is like the Burning Eye, but it drips nasty acid bits onto the floor. If they touch you, you're dead. You can stun it with a rock or fireball, or kill it with a stoneball.

Armored Guard[]

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He looks like a guard, but with shiny armor or, in Return to Dark Castle, black armor and a red feather in his helmet. He can't be killed with anything but a stoneball. Rocks, Fireballs, and arrows from the Crossbow all bounce off of him.

Axe Henchman[]

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the Axe Henchman is an enemy in return to dark castle. he will throw axes at you and only appears in the kitcken. any weapon will kill him.


Main Article: Bat


One of the most common enemies in the Dark Castle Series, the bat is one of the enemies which won't kill you as long as you are holding an Elixir. They are slow, but can fly over and through walls (though not in Return to Dark Castle). A Rock, Fireball or stoneball will kill one.

Killing a Bat gives you 30 points.

Big Bird[]

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The Big Bird only appears in the Helicopter Pack levels, making a loud noise before coming on screen and then moving fast towards you. They can be taken out with a rockFireball or stoneball.

Killing a Big Bird gives you 150 points.

In Return to Dark Castle, the Big Bird appears in the Invaders level.


Main Article: Bird

Birds sit on some platforms or in windows and start to fly after some time. The direction they fly is always random. They can be killed with Rocks, Fireball, Stoneball or a weapon. If they touch you, you die.

Black Knight[]

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The Black Knight is the final boss, and ruler of Dark Castle. He can throw Mugs or knives at you. To kill him in Dark Castle, pull the 5 chains. To kill him in Beyond Dark Castle, throw Fireballs at him. To kill him in Return to Dark Castle, pull two chains to drop a chandelier on him, then hit him in the face with a stoneball and then whack him with the sword until his life bar is empty.

Killing the Black Knight gives you 5,000 points in Dark Castle, and 8,000, 12,000, or 1,000,000 points depending on the Difficulty. In Return to Dark Castle, killing the Black Knight adds 10% to your progress.

Bowling Ball Henchman[]

Main Article: Bowling Ball Henchman

Brewery Henchman[]

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The Brewery Henchman is an enemy that only shows up in one level, and tosses Barrels at you. To kill him, defeat him in combat with the Shovel or shoot him with the crossbow.

Killing the Brewery Henchman gives you 150 points.

In Return to Dark Castle, the Brewery Henchman appears in several other levels as well. You can defeat him using any weapon.

Burning Eye[]

Main Article: Burning Eye


The Burning Eye is an enemy shows up in a few levels, and is one of the most dangerous enemies due to the fact that in some levels (and all of Return to Dark Castle) it cannot be killed, only stunned, but can fly over walls and shoot Fireballs at you. To stun/kill him, throw Rocks, or Fireballs at him. To permanently kill him in all versions of the game, use a stoneball.

For hitting the Burning Eye in Dark Castle you get 30 points, and in Beyond Dark Castle, you get 40 points.


Main Article: Dragon


The Dragon is one of the invincible enemies in the Dark Castle Series. It can however be passed, or stunned by splashing it with water.

For stunning the Dragon, you get 150 points.

In Return to Dark Castle, the Dragon only appears in one level.


Main Article: Caterpillar

The Caterpillar is much like a rat except that it will only take health. Elixir will not protect you. Caterpillars fall from the ceiling/sky at random intervals. They can be killed using Rocks, Fireballs, Stoneballs, or Boots.

In Return to Dark Castle, they appear in two levels: the Conservatory and Tangled Roots.


Main Article: Gargoyle


The Gargoyle is one of the few Enemies that cannot be killed by Rocks. It is also one of the few enemies that doesn't kill you. Instead, it drops you in the Dungeon or the Trouble Level Path. In addition, it only shows up in the Black Knight levels. Its appearance is heralded by a cawing noise. To kill it, simply throw a Fireball at it.

For killing a Gargoyle  you get 150 points.


Main Article: Guard


The Guard is one of the more common Enemies in the Dark Castle Series. If you throw a rock at a Guard or shoot it with the crossbow it will be knocked out, but if you throw a Fireball or stoneball at one it will die.

If you stoneball a guard, and then hit it with a Hammer or other weapon, he will shatter and drop his Crossbow. You can then pick it up.

For killing/stunning a Guard you get 50 points.

Magic Broom[]

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The Magic Broom is one of the rarest enemies, showing up in only one level. It cannot be killed. On the contrary, if hit by a rock or Fireball, it multiplies, or gets stunned. In Return to Dark Castle, the Magic Broom is more common. When you make them multiply, the smallest brooms will fall off edges and disappear. The best way to defeat them is with a stoneball or simply by using the Shield as it sweeps by.

For hitting a Magic Broom you get 30 points.

Magic Bucket[]

Main Article: Magic Bucket

The bucket looks like a piece of the scenery, but when you get near it, it jumps up and if it touches you, it kills you. To kill the bucket, you can fight it with a weapon like the mace, or hit it with a stoneball. Fireballs will push the bucket, but not kill it.

Marsh Creature[]

Main Article: Marsh Creature

The Marsh Creature is a giant tentacle that shows up in the Mosquito Marsh. You need to hit it with a weapon like a Mace or Shovel until it's dead, at which point, a platform appears. If it touches you, you're dead. Rocks, a Fireball, or a Stoneball will do nothing against this creature.

Mosquitos/Killer Birds[]

Main Article: Mosquitos/Killer Birds


The Mosquitos/Killer Birds are only on 2 levels, the Helicopter Pack levels. They can be killed by a rock or Fireball or stoneball.

For killing Mosquitos/Killer Birds you get 30 points.

Mosquitos are also found in several levels in Return to Dark Castle.


Main Article: Mutant


The most common Enemy in the Dark Castle Series is the Mutant, they can walk back and forth, and climb down ropes. In the Helicopter Pack levels, they can throw Rocks. They can be killed by Rocks, Fireballs, stoneball, or bombs.

Killing a Mutant will give you 50 points.

Potion Henchman[]

Main Article: Potion Henchman

the potion henchman is like the brewery henchman, except he throws tanks

Purple Eye[]

Main Article: Purple Eye

This is another thing like the Burning Eye. This one shoots out a spray of projectiles, and you have to kill him to advance. Use a stoneball.


Main Article: Rat The rats are some of the most common enemies in Dark Castle. They can be killed by Rocks, or Fireballs. A Bomb or stoneball will also do the trick, and once you get the Boots, you can stomp on them by jumping.

For killing a Rat you get 20 Points.

This is one of the enemies in the game that won't kill you as long as you are carrying an elixir. If you are carrying elixirs, then you simply lose one elixir.

In the original Dark Castle, if you touch a rat without an Elixir, then you will die. In Beyond Dark Castle, and Return to Dark Castle, if you touch a rat when you have no elixirs, then you lose health, until you stop touching it.

Rock Henchman[]

Main Article: Rock Henchman


The Rock Henchman is one of the enemies in the Dark Castle Series which cannot be killed by just Duncan. He can however be killed if there is a switch that will drop a 16 Ton Weight on him.

For killing the Rock Henchman you get 0 points.

Shovel Henchman[]

Main Article: Shovel Henchman


The Shovel Henchman is found in a number of levels, and can be killed by defeating him with a weapon such as a Mace. You can also shoot him with the Crossbow

For killing the Shovel Henchman you get 150 points.


Main Article: Snake


The Snakes are found in a handful of levels, and can quickly take you health down if touched. They can be killed with Rocks, fireballs, Stoneballs or bombs. Once you find the Boots, you can stomp on them by jumping.

For killing a Snake you get 40 points.


Main Article: Spider

The spiders crawl on the ceiling and drop down on webs to kill you. They're hard to kill because they skitter out of the way when a Fireball or stoneball gets close. One good way to kill them is to throw just ahead of them, or to stand directly above them and throw straight down.

Stone Eye[]

Main Article: Stone Eye

Trunk Henchman[]

Main Article: Trunk Henchman


Main Article: Vulture


The Vultures are one of the most common enemies. They swoop down, and fly around the levels. They can be killed by Rocks, fireballs, stoneball, or bombs.

For killing a Vulture you get 30 points.

Whip Henchman[]

Main Article: Whip Henchman


The Whip Henchman is an enemy only found in the Dungeon Levels, and can only be temporarily knocked out, by hitting him with a weapon, such as the Morning Star. He can be killed with the crossbow.

For knocking out the Whip Henchman you get 150 points.

Wild Boar[]

Main Article: Wild Boar

The Wild Boar is an enemy in Return to Dark Castle.

If this enemy touches you, you are killed. This enemy typically charges in one direction. You can jump over it, kill it with a stoneball or use the Shield as it charges through.

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