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The Fireball is one of the three major items in Dark Castle and Color Dark Castle, along with the Key, and Shield. It is used to throw at many of the Enemies of Dark Castle, and is the only thing that can take out the Gargoyle.

The Fireball is gotten by meeting up with Merlin.

It also is used as the primary weapon in the final battle in Beyond Dark Castle

Inventory Item[]

This is one of the major items in the game, only taken away from you after you beat the game.

This replaces the rock after being obtained, and is more powerful, being the only thing to defeat the Gargoyle with.

  • Guard - One Fireball will kill a guard, but in some levels it will reenter the level after a short time.
  • Dragon - The Fireballs have no effect on the Dragon
  • Burning Eye - A Fireball will stun the Burning Eye for a short time.
  • Magic Broom - A Fireball with break the Magic Broom into a few smaller brooms, until there are 3 small brooms left.
  • Rock Henchman - Fireballs have no effect on him, and bounce off of him.
  • Whip Henchman - Fireballs have no effect on him, and bounce off of him.
  • Gargoyle - Fireballs will incinerate the Gargoyle.
  • Black Knight - Fireballs have no effect on the Black Knight and pass right by him, in Dark Castle. In Beyond Dark Castle, you use these to fight him in the final battle.


The appearance of the Fireball, hasn't changed much from the original Dark Castle.

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