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Fireball Level Path from the original Dark Castle.

The Fireball Level Path Is a path of levels off from the Great Hall in Dark Castle, Color Dark Castle, and will show up in Return to Dark Castle. It Consists of 4 Levels, Fireball 1, Fireball 2, Fireball 3 and Fireball 4.


The setting of the Fireball Level Path takes you outside the castle, and into the caves, the caves are filled with obstacles, be it floating platforms or boulders. At the end of the caves lives the Wizard, who will grant anyone who can make their way to him, the power of the Fireball.

These levels, are the only Level path, that takes you away from the castle, in the first two games, Dark Castle, and Beyond Dark Castle.

Originally there was water at the bottom of Fireball 2, and Fireball 3, however this was changed in Color Dark Castle to Lava, it is still unknown if it will stay that way in Return to Dark Castle.





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