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Forest Guard Tower, from Return to Dark Castle on Beginner

Forest Guard Tower is an outdoor level on a single, non-scrolling screen. It is the first Level on the Main Stoneball Path, in Return to Dark Castle.

Bryant has to make his way over the Forest Guard Tower, avoiding Snakes and Guards, onto a tree, and exit the room by going down a rope and move left. The Secret Level North Tower is also hidden in this room.


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  • A note in the Underground River states, "They seem to be guarding that large boulder." This refers to the boulder in this level which obscures a pull-switch that brings down another rope, allowing you to access the North Tower secret level.


There is a secret hidden in this level, which allows access to the North Tower level. To access it, you need to jump to the small platform on the left side of the boulder at the bottom of the screen. Then, move Bryant to the right until he stops, which should be in the middle of the boulder. Press the action button (usually Q), and Bryant will pull the secret pull-switch. A rope will come down towards the top of the screen that allows access to the topmost, obscured platform of the tower. Jump on to this platform, and move until you're on the edge of the right side of the platform, where you'll just be able to see Bryant from behind the roof. Do a long-jump, and then exit to the right through the stone, arch door.

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