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Just like it says, this is a giant tree with platforms and ropes going up. It's a scrolling level.


Go to the Hedge Maze. Go in any door that leads further into the maze (they are simple rectangles rather than having any frame like the doors leading out). Eventually, you'll come to a Henchman. Kill him with a shovel, crossbow, or whatever other weapon you have, and go through the "Exit" doorway.


Get to the top of the tree and get the Orb and Gauntlets, then go back down and get the mushroom treasure.


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Spoilers and Hints[]

  • To get the mushroom and Piece of Paper, you need to step on a hidden switch that's in the grass just to the left of the first rope. This will extend the middle platform. Then go to the top of the tree, and after you get the orb and gauntlets, go to the next to last platform and step on a switch on the far left side. This will make a platform start to descend, so hurry and jump on it. It'll take you all the way back to the bottom of the tree. Jump from that platform to the one with the Piece of Paper on it, and from there to the mushroom.

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