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This is a spooky outdoor level with constant driving rain.


Go to Castle Grounds 2 at midnight. You can tell it's midnight by looking at the clock in the Library (though you have to leave before midnight to arrive on time), or by waiting till the moon is at its highest point in the sky, and your day count changes. The gate will open for a few minutes before closing again. Once you've gone in, you can only stay till daybreak, and then a Ghost will spirit you back to Ante Room II. After that, you can go in at any time.


Get through the Graveyard to reach the Iron Spire, Crypt and Crypt 2.


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Spoilers and Hints[]

  • Jump on the rounded tombstones to get across the graves. Don't jump on the cross tombstones or fall in the graves, or you'll die. Jump quickly, before they crumble to bits.
  • Take plenty of gas and bombs with you so you can do the Iron Spire and Crypt 2 levels.
  • To get to Crypt 2, bring the helecopter back from Iron Spire, flying low, and drop bombs on all the cross tombstones (Hold duck and click the mouse). When they're all broken, including the one near the gate, the door will open.

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