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The Great Hall from the original Dark Castle.

The great hall, is the main junction between all the levels in the games Dark Castle, Color Dark Castle, Dark Castle Mobile, and will be in Return to Dark Castle, though will play a smaller part.


The great hall, is set in the grand entry room, of Dark Castle, with carpets, and smooth tiles. It leads to the many areas of Dark Castle.

It is the only level in the original Dark Castle, and Color Dark Castle, that is not playable.

In Color Dark Castle, you could save in this room, by hitting Apple+S. Additionally, you can resume by hitting Apple+R. Any time during game play, you can hit Apple+Q to return here.

Return To Dark Castle Version[]

In Return to Dark Castle, they overhauled the level, bringing it into the gameplay.

Along with the switching to gameplay, They boarded off Shield 1, so people wont get the Shield early.

They also added a secret level off from the Great Hall.

Random Doors[]

In the original Dark Castle, the doors on the left were random, with the Fireball Level Path, and Trouble Level Path, both being random.

In Color Dark Castle, it was changed to static doors, always being the same, and letting you know where door you where going into.

The system from Color Dark Castle was kept in Return to Dark Castle.

Easter Egg[]

When playing the game on December 25(Christmas), the suit of armor turns into a christmas tree.


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