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The Guard is one of the more common enemies in Dark Castle. They appear in most of the indoor the levels, and show up in Dark Castle, Beyond Dark Castle, Color Dark Castle, Dark Castle Mobile, and Return to Dark Castle.

If you get touched by this enemy, you die.  However, in the original Dark Castle, you can jump through them without being harmed as long as they are walking toward you. 

In addition, they can shoot arrows at you. These are instantly lethal, fired at unpredictable intervals, and have a slight arc to make them harder to duck beneath. In Return To Dark Castle, the Armor will protect you from them to some degree.


The Guards can only walk left and right. If hit by Rock or Bomb, they will be stunned. If hit by a Fireball or a melee weapon they will die.

In Return to Dark Castle, they will  be stunned by the Crossbow or the Sword, and paralyzed by the Stoneball.


For killing or stunning a Guard you get 50 Points.


The Guard has looked the same since the original Dark Castle, with the only real changes being color.

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