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The Hedge Maze is a horizontally-scrolling area composed of several smaller areas.


To get in the Hedge Maze itself is a bit tricky. First, you must enter the Courtyard. Above the fountain in the Courtyard there are two parapets. On one of the parapets is a button which you must stand on to open the gate into the maze.


Travel through the maze to get to the Giant Tree. As you move closer to the tree, it will appear larger. At the end, you must kill a Shovel Henchman.

The maze is actually made up of several levels, all of which are called Hedge Maze. The exits to these levels are hard to see, but they appear differently than other parts of the hedge.


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Spoilers and Hints[]

  • The snakes can be very hard to see, due to the long grass that grows in the maze. Listen and watch carefully for them.
  • The vultures may sweep down on you from far away, so you may not hear them make an approach. Watch for them and be prepared to throw rocks or a fireball their way.
  • The exit from the Hedge Maze is marked as such, keep an eye out for it and a nearby Shovel Henchman.

Levels on the Path[]