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Level Editor[[Image:Return To Dark Castle Level Editor]]
Developer(s) Z Sculpt
Release date(s) N/A
Genre(s) Platform game level editor
Mode(s) Single player
Platform(s) Apple Macintosh

Return To Dark Castle is the third game in the Dark Castle Series, and the game was originally intended to ship with a level editor. However as of January 2013 Merge Interactive, formally SuperHappyFunFun and ZSculpt haven't released it.


December 2002, an announcement from Z Sculpt told readers that they had been working all Summer on 16-bit color support for Return to Dark Castle and that all the graphics had to be redone. At the same time they also announced a Level Editor. There was no subsequent news until August 2003, when another announcement confirmed that work was still being done on the game. A short documentation of the level editor was also posted at this time.

26th of March 2008, Zack Black released a set of levels for fans to play with. As of version 1.4 it no longer works.


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