Welcome to Dark Castle Publishing!

Our site, is an innovative, industry-first platform aimed at giving talented, yet undiscovered writers a venue to display their work, earn extra income, and for some, to launch into mainstream consciousness.   

Our concept is really very simple: as a writer, you may submit as many genre-appropriate novels as you wish for a one-time fee of $125 (USD) per submission. We are seeking original works of fiction that fall into one of these four genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, or Mystery/Thriller. Once your work is submitted, it will be entered into our proprietary database for public consumption.  

Our patented, user-friendly interface and database will allow a reader to search our inventory of eBooks by keyword (and keyword frequency); theme, setting, as well as a number of other options that will allow a reader to customize a list of available novels that are most likely to match their preferences (which will make them more likely to find something they like!)  The first six pages of each novel will be accessible for free; should a reader wish to continue reading by purchasing and downloading the eBook, the cost will be $5 per licensed download (the $5 fee is split evenly between the writer and Dark Castle Publishing). Our downloadable eBooks are encrypted and cannot be emailed or otherwise illegally distributed.  The reader can download and enjoy our eBooks on their PC, Laptop, eBook Reader, cell phone, or PDA and will be able to write reviews and grade your work for the whole world to see on

Why should you partner with Dark Castle Publishing?

The founders of Dark Castle Publishing see tremendous growth potential in the Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Mystery/Thriller genres.  We believe there are many talented writers out there who are routinely ignored by most literary agents and publishing houses; and if these people could just get a little exposure, some of them would be able to realize their dream of becoming a fulltime novelist.  Our primary goal is to help push talented writers into the spotlight. 


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