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Mark Stephen Pierce is the main graphic artist behind Dark Castle, and Beyond Dark Castle. He is one of the two Dark Castle Co-Creators, along with Jonathan Gay

Dark Castle involvment[]

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When working along with Jonathan Gay at the software company Silicon Beach Software, they came up with a platforming game. At the time they had no idea how well the game would do, with it topping the sales charts for 36 months, and spawning a sequel. He made all the graphics for the game, with Jonathan Gay doing the engine, Erik Zocher doing sound programming, and Dick Noel doing voice overs.

Beyond Dark Castle involvment[]

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A year after the launch of Dark Castle, Beyond Dark Castle was finished, it contained more adventure game elements, and was longer, with more story. The same team was used to make it's sequel. This would be the last game the team would work on together.

Dark Castle Mobile involvement[]

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In October 2003, SuperHappyFunFun, Mark Stephen Pierce's Company, bought the Dark Castle rights back from Delta Tao. They announce that they are making a cell phone version of the original Dark Castle, and finally in November, 2005, it goes on sale.

Now, in 2008, the game is no longer sold, and is impossible to get a copy of.

Return Dark Castle involvement[]

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After buying the Dark Castle rights back from Delta Tao, they made a contract which allowed Delta Tao to continue to produce Return to Dark Castle for a set amount of time, by the time the game was completed, but not released (2006), the contract had run out, and Mark Stephen Pierce's company, SuperHappyFunFun took over production. Along with setting up the payment, and distribution, it seems that Mark Stephen Pierce also requested some changes to the game, which is shown by the new Splash Screen, which is different than the one shown in the betas. It was released in March, 2008.

Personal Life[]

After having Silicon Beach Software bought up, and leaving, he went on to work for Atari, working on Coin-Op arcade machines, after being extremely successful, he founded his own company, SuperHappyFunFun, which focuses primarily on cell phone games, and applications, though has worked on a other projects, such as a coin-op arcade game, an xbox racing game, and a PC first person shooter, and lately, Return to Dark Castle.

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