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Merlin the Wizard is the only person in Dark Castle which is not an enemy. He gives Prince Duncan the Fireball as a reward for making his way to him. After the events Dark Castle Merlin helps Prince Duncan find his way to the Ante Room, located behind the Black Knight's throne, and further informs him of the mysterious Orbs which are needed to open the gate to the Final battle with the Black Knight.

Merlin is also said to be the maker of all the Elixirs scattered through out the Castle.

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Merlin has stayed looking the pretty much same since the original Dark Castle, with the only real changes being color.

Unfriendly Activities[]

Though Merlin is generally nice, it is possible to be killed by him in both Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle.

  • In Dark Castle if you long jump into him, zaps you to death.
  • In Beyond Dark Castle if you try to go to him without the East Tower Orb in your possession, he zaps you to death.

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