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Not all the dangers that are faced within the Dark Castle Series are Enemies. Some are obstacles. Here are some of obstacles that one must face.


Main Article: Barrel


The Barrel is thrown by the Brewery Henchman, and can be ducked underneath, jumped over, or blocked by the Shield.


Main Article: Boulder


The Boulder is very similar to the Barrel. Likewise, it can be ducked under, or jumped over. The Shield protects against it.


Main Article: Clouds


The Clouds are found in the Shield levels, and can strike you with Lightning, but are also used to gain the Shield. As long as you are not struck by lighting, you will be fine.


Main Article: Gears


The Gears are located in the Clock Tower, and will kill you if you touch them. As long as you are quick, you have nothing to worry about.


Main Article: Laser


The Laser is a more common obstacle. It shoots in a straight line from one end to another, and as long as you duck under it, or use the Shield, you can survive.


Main Article: Mug


The Mugs are thrown by the Black Knight, and likewise only show up in the levels that he does. In Dark Castle they kill you with one hit, and in Beyond Dark Castle and Return To Dark Castle, they take down a chunk of your health.

Spike Trap[]

Main Article: Spike Trap


The Spike Traps are found through the castle, and are only dangerous if you stand on them. The spikes come up in intervals and stab you.


Main Article: Stalactite


The Stalactites are on the ceiling, and randomly fall. If they land on you, you get killed. The Shield or the Helmet can defend you from them, but be careful, for on the harder Difficulties, the floating platforms will be destroyed.

Swinging Scythe[]

Main Article: Swinging Scythe


The Swinging Scythe just swings back and forth, blocking your path. If you touch it, you are killed. To get past if, find a switch to turn it off.

In Return to Dark Castle, the Swinging Scythe only appears in one of the Dungeons.


Main Article: Trees


The Trees are found in the Helicopter Pack levels, and are harmless as long as you do not run the Helicopter Pack into them. Sometimes fuel or rocks will be on a tree branch.

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