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Olde Tower Top, from Return to Dark Castle on Beginner

Olde Tower Top is an indoor level on a single, non-scrolling screen.



Get to the top and get the Orb and the Shield, then use the power of lightning to charge the shield.


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Spoilers and Hints[]

  • A note in the Cave Dungeon states, "Getting the olde orb requires a leap of faith." This refers to a jump you have to make from the visible, upper-left platform, opposite the platform where the orb sits. To get the orb, do a running jump off to the right of this platform. Instead of falling, Bryant will grab hold of a bar on which he can move hand-over-hand to the platform with the orb.
  • This level is much easier when you have the Boots from the Black Knight's Showdown because they protect your feet from the spikes.
  • You have to do this level at night if you want to get the shield. Take it off its peg, then hold it up above your head and let lightning hit it. The thunderclouds are not there during the day.

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