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Potion Factory is an indoor Level, and the fourth and final Level on the lower right Level Path, if Bryant went into the Laboratory 2 from the Laboratory, Return to Dark Castle.



The Hero has to make his way over some assembly lines to the ground, but on his way he has to pull three chains in a correct order to open a barricade at ground level. On his way down he also has to avoid picking up the poisoned potions that come out of the machines, and the potion Barrels a Henchman is throwing. When he is down at ground level, he also has to fight a Shovel Henchman to get to the Orb located in here.


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  • Potion Barrel


Spoilers and Hints[]

  • This level is a lot easier with the Body Armor from the Underground River.
  • It's possible to kill the Potion Henchman with the flail while standing on the platform below him.

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