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Secret from Color Dark Castle.

Secret is an indoor level. It is the first secret level In the Dark Castle Series, and is found exclusively in Color Dark Castle



Secret Instructions.

The first 3 spots' order doesn't matter, but the fourth must be done last. It is recommended that the shield and fireball be obtained first.

Upon reaching the proper spot, one must activate it by jumping at the wall. You will hear the sound of a key as a confirmation.

To find the secret room, one must hit all 4 spots without dying.

Hitting Apple-Q during a level will take you back to the great hall. Since this does not count as dying, it makes this much easier to find.

  • Spot 1 - Shield 3. In the bottom right corner of the screen, lower platform.
  • Spot 2 - Trouble 3. From the top, jump the gap, climb down the stairs, and jump to the small walkway on the left. It's at the end.
  • Spot 3 - Fireball 1. Middle platform, right side.
  • Spot 4 - Black Knight 1. Bottom platform, right side.

On jumping into the 4th spot, you will go through the wall into the secret room.

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