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Original Dark Castle Shield.

The Shield is one of the three major items in Dark Castle and Color Dark Castle, along with the Key, and Fireball. It is used to protect against the many perils and dangers of Dark Castle.

Inventory Item[]

This is one of the major items in the game, only taken away from you after you beat the game.

It can be used bit holding down the action button, it activates the shield for roughly 2 seconds. This can however be lengthened by repeatedly tapping the action button in quick succession.

The only thing the Shield doesn't protect from is the Gargoyle. (In the sega version however this was not implemented)


The appearance of the Shield, is a aura around Duncan, in Color Dark Castle the aura was color Green.

In Return to Dark Castle, you are holding the Shield up, and there's also an aura that's green surrounding you.


  • When hitting the Shield button repeatedly multiple times in a row, it moves you to the side.
  • You can make the Shield last forever by pressing Shield button repeatedly multiple times.
  • In the original Dark Castle, the shield won't protect you from lightning. If you try to do the shield levels twice in one run, you will find that you can be friend through an active shield. However. picking up the shield again and charging that works fine. This was fixed in Beyond Dark Castle.
  • If you hold the shield down while on a platform that disappears, then you will float until you stop using the shield.

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