Splash Screen from the original Dark Castle.

Dark Castle has a famous Splash Screen, showing a dark night, and the Dark Castle. There are Clouds overhead, the strike occasionally, and the song "Toccata and Fugue in D minor"[1].

Color Dark Castle Splash ScreenEdit

Splash Screen

Splash Screen from Color Dark Castle.

Color Dark Castle had a very different Splash Screen, though it still had the same music and Clouds.

Beyond Dark Castle Splash ScreenEdit


Splash Screen from Beyond Dark Castle.

In Beyond Dark Castle there was a new Splash Screen, Showing a wall of the castle with a guard patrolling. There was a moon in the background, and wind could be heard. They used the same song, but a different section.

Return to Dark Castle Splash ScreenEdit

Splash ScreenDC3

Splash Screen from Return to Dark Castle.

Return to Dark Castle's Splash Screen, was extremely different, telling the backstory, while a bird made a noise in the background. An original song is playing in the background for this game.


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