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SuperHappyFunFun is a cell phone software company, located in Austin Texas, it was founded in 2001 by Mark Stephen Pierce, Shaival Varma, Kalani Streicher, and Steven Ritchie. It develops and games and almost exclusively for cell phones.

One of the main interesting aspects of this company, is that Dark Castle co-creator Mark Stephen Pierce, is the CEO.

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Dark Castle Mobile[]

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In October 2003, the Company SuperHappyFunFun, which includes one of the two original developers, Mark Stephen Pierce, acquired the rights to the Dark Castle Series, so that they could create a Dark Castle game for Cell phones.

It was finally released in 2006, it was published by Bandai. It contains slightly remade level designs; borrowing from both Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle, it also has updated color graphics.[1]

It is now out of print and impossible to buy anymore. It was sold through Verizon, and Sprint when it was still being sold.

Return to Dark Castle involvement[]

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After acquiring the rights in 2003, the contract stated that Delta Tao would continue to produce Return to Dark Castle for an undisclosed amount of time, by 2007, the time ran out, and Delta Tao's contract run out, and SuperHappyFunFun took over the job of producing Return to Dark Castle. Since 2007, SuperHappyFunFun had been working along side Z Sculpt to get Return to Dark Castle released. In March 2008, it was released.

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