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Swamp from Beyond Dark Castle, on Beginner.

Swamp is an outdoor level, and is the last level on the Ye Roof Level Path, along with Black Forest in Beyond Dark Castle. It has shown up in Beyond Dark Castle, and will show up in Return to Dark Castle.

Prince Duncan must make his way to the top of the Swamp avoiding Mosquitos, Big Birds, Mutants, and finally battle a Burning Eye, the whole time flying a Helicopter Pack. Once Prince Duncan reaches the Swamp Guardhouse, he must fight the Shovel Henchman, and then obtain an Orb.

This one of two Helicopter Pack levels in Beyond Dark Castle.




Levels on the Path[]

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  • This is one of the few levels in Beyond Dark Castle, that doesn't raddically change it's layout on Advanced.
  • This level is the one of the two Helicopter Pack scrolling levels.
  • The only way to exit this level is by completely dying, or picking up the Potion.


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