The Underground River is a secret underground level in Return to Dark Castle. It's a side scrolling level with a river with logs floating on it.


On the far right edge of the screen in Castle Grounds, there's an invisible switch. Use it to make a rope go down the well. Climb down to the Underground River.


Ride the logs down the river and get the Orb and Body Armor


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None -- must use Return Potion

Spoilers and HintsEdit

  • If you ride at the very front of a log, then when it goes down a short waterfall, you'll go "Woah!" then fall onto the back of the log. This does not work on long waterfalls.
  • There are a limited number of logs, so when you have to climb ropes and platforms, go quickly.

Levels on the PathEdit

Underground River Secret Path: Castle Grounds, Underground River. Edit

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