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Weapons, in any dark castle game, are objects that can be picked up and used to harm henchmen. In Return to Dark Castle, weapons can also hurt other things and can be stored in the player's inventory.

Function in Return to Dark Castle[]

Weapons serve numerous purposes in Return to Dark Castle. Primarily, they can be used to defeat henchmen. Many henchmen also carry around weapons which can be salvaged once the henchman is defeated. A player can store 1 weapon at a time, as well as hold another in action. If a player drops his weapon while fighting an unarmed henchman (ex. the henchman from Stables), the henchman will pick it up and begin attacking the player with it. If the player drops a crossbow or flail and the Henchman attempts to pick it up the game will crash.

Most monsters are affected by weapons as well. A blow from any weapon can kill any small creature, such as a mutant or a bat. They can also temporarily knock down guards. Killing enemies with weapons is not always preferable to rocks. Weapons have the same effect on typical creatures as regular rocks, and therefore allow the creatures to regenerate or recover faster. Weapons can be used to destroy monsters that have been petrified with a stoneball. Destroying petrified monsters does not allow them to regenerate. Also, if a guard is slain with a weapon other than a crossbow, he will not recover.

Weapons can also be used as protection against large hurled objects. Barrels can be destroyed with most weapons, while things such as logs and boulders can be knocked away.

List of Weaponry[]