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Yee Roof Level Path from Beyond Dark Castle.

Yee Roof Level Path Is a path of levels off from the Ante Room in Beyond Dark Castle, and will show up in Return to Dark Castle. It Consists of 4 Levels, Computer Room, Clock Tower, Swamp and Black Forest.


The setting of the Yee Roof takes Prince Duncan up to the Clock Tower of the castle, through the Computer Room, once at the top, Duncan chooses weather he wants to go to the Black Forest or Swamp. Once he's made his decision, he has to flow though wither ever level he chose, avoiding the monsters along the way, and taking out a Burning Eye, then landing at a guard tower, then fighting a Shovel Henchman. After defeating the Henchman, Prince Duncan finds one of the mysterious orbs.

This level path includes the game's two Helicopter Pack levels, which are Swamp, and Black Forest.





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