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Z Sculpt Entertainment is a small two person software company, located in Boise Idaho, it was founded in 1996 by Zackary Black and Zack Morris. It develops and games and other software, exclusively for Macintosh. Much of their work was in the 1990's and they've been quiet until recently, with the release of the online enabled demo of Khufu, and the announcement of Return To Dark Castle being completed [1]. It's currently unknown if they will implement the new online code into their other games.

Notable Employees[]


  • Meteor Storm - Top down arcade style shooter, which can be play two player.
  • Retro - Top down, not so classic style shooter, which can be played Co-Op.
  • Khufu - Tetris styled gameplay, with a twist.
  • HID Wizard - InputSprocket compatibility for OS X carbon applications.
  • eDrop - Extracts e-mail addresses from text files into a single output file.
  • htoc.php - command line utility to automatically create .c files from .h headers in c++.
  • Z Sculpt Online Widget - Dashboard Widget that tracks the number of players connected to Z Sculpt.net.
  • Return to Dark Castle - Long awaited sequel to Beyond Dark Castle.

In Development[]

  • Untitled Platformer - Announced in an interview[2] with IMG.
  • Return to Dark Castle iPhone Port - Announced by Mark Steven Pierce via a comment on a news article. MSP confirms
  • Return to Dark Castle PC Port - Confirmed in same article as above.
  • Return to Dark Castle Level Editor - Has been in progress since the development of the game. Should be released at some point - 2009 update on level editor

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