Zack Black is the main programmer behind Return to Dark Castle.

Return Dark Castle involvement

Zack Black was the man who made up, and started development on Return to Dark Castle, shortly after he and his partner, Zack Morris, founded Z Sculpt. With the help of Delta Tao, SuperHappyFunFun and his partner, the game has finally been finished.

Personal Life

He is the older of the two members of Z Sculpt, he originally lived in Boise Idaho, same with Zack Morris, until moved to Washington. Recently he moved back to Boise Idaho.

He and Zack Morris have a job at Mac|Life.

SuperHappyFunFun Visit

October 17th, 2010, Zack Black made a visit to SuperHappyFunFun, the publishers of Return to Dark Castle(which include the original designer, Mark Stephen Pirece.) No details of the visit were posted online, except for a photo of Zack Black and Mark Steven Pierce together.

Mark zack.jpg

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